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What is UpvoteCoin.com?

Upvote Coin is a website featuring the best curated content, developed especially to help cryptocurrency traders and investors to grow and learn together.

Nowadays we fell a serious lack of quality and knowledge in the cryptocurrency scene, and as crypto lovers and traders, we found the need to build a new home for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Here, you can find the best tools, articles, jobs and everything you need to improve your cryptocurrency trading skills without a hustle.


How do I submit a post?

After logging in, click the “+” button in the top right of the website. Each post should include:

URL – Direct link to the resource page

Title – Duh!

Description – Description of the content

Category – Add the content to one of our categories

Example: Back Above $300: Is Ether Building Momentum?


What kind of posts do you allow on Upvote Coin?

Upvote Coin is for sharing new and interesting content. This is not the place for gossip, trolls, or spam.


What type of content is allowed on the site?

Must be good.

We love discoveries, breakthroughs, inventions, research, and new cryptocurrencies. This is not the site for bullshit, trolling or spamming your services.

Must be music or crypto technology focused.

The list of categories acts as a guideline for 90% of the stories that we will accept.

Must be significant.

In order to stay aligned with our mission of bringing you only the most important content.


Can I submit old content?

Upvote Coin it’s for good and and timeless content, nor for flashy and insignificant things.


How voting system works?

Our voting system currently takes into consideration the number of upvotes, time since posting, the user rating score, and a few other factors.


Can I send private messages to other members on Upvote Coin?

No. Maybe in the future we will put this feature but at the moment Upvote Coin doesn’t work as a social media website.


My original content is on Upvote Coin. How can I join the discussion?

Log in with your account and introduce yourself and answer some questions to get appreciation from the community.


Can i spam people to upvote for my post?

Of course!… Please don’t. People should upvote things they like or find interesting.


I have a product and would love to be featured on the Upvote Coin. What i need to do?

Great! Please send us details and we’ll get the back to you.


How can I subscribe to the Upvote Coin email digest?

Every day we try to send an email digest highlighting the best posts of the week and another cool stuff. You can sign up here.

To unsubscribe, simply click the option at the bottom of one of our email digests and you’ll be redirected to Mailchimp where you can unsubscribe.


Post deleted, why?

Posts may be deleted from Upvote Coin if they are useless, offensive, submitted by a fake account, or in violation of our Terms.


Whats your Email and Social Networks?

You can reach us by email at [email protected] and feel free to connect with Twitter and Facebook if you’re active on those networks.


I have ideas on how to make your website better. Can I share them?

We want Upvote Coin to be a community driven website, and we encourage all feedback. Email us at [email protected] with any thoughts or ideas you may have.


Is there a Upvote Coin mobile app?

Not yet. We hope to make one soon though!


Does Upvote Coin have an RSS feed?

Oh yes. Here it is.


I would love to read your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, please where can i find them?

Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.